“Hermione - Explore France" voyage: a new journey in spring of 2022 for the Hermione, ambassador ship of the French destination

20 May 2021

The Hermione - La Fayette Association and Atout France have joined forces to prepare a journey for the Hermione in the spring of 2022, to visit countries of Northern Europe under the banner "EXPLORE FRANCE".

The Ministry of the Sea has lent its support to this emblematic maritime project. Annick Girardin, Minister for the Sea, states: "The Hermione and her wake of exploration and inclusion are a great source of inspiration for seafarers! Spreading France’s influence across the seas, promoting exchange and multiculturalism, and enhancing the value of our know-how: a multitude of reasons to wish the best of luck to this unique frigate for its next expedition. "

This initiative is also supported by Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, Secretary of State for Tourism, French Nationals Abroad and the French-speaking World: "This voyage of the Hermione is a wonderful opportunity to promote France as a destination on promising markets, while showcasing French excellence. As such, this journey represents a major diplomatic, tourism and economic challenge for our country. "

The event will coincide with the French presidency of the European Union in the first half of 2022 and will enable The Hermione to make a stopover in several French ports.

The Nouvelle-Aquitaine Tourism Board, a long-standing partner of the Hermione - La Fayette Association, also wanted to take part in this initiative.

The "Hermione - Explore France" itinerant voyage, a vector for attracting tourists to France

Thanks to this partnership, the Association and Atout France are already looking forward to boosting tourist flows to destination France in spring off 2022. The initiative will allow for original event communication aimed at highlighting the diversity of French destinations and thereby kindling the interest of tourists, tour operators and the international press.

During her voyage in the spring of 2022, the Hermione will stop over in four northern European countries: England (London), Belgium (Antwerp), the Netherlands (Amsterdam) and Germany (Hamburg): many opportunities to invite tour operators and the European media to come and meet French tourism protagonists to "Explore France" events, who are mobilised to present all of their offers and innovations.

The tremendous media echo generated by the ship's arrival in each of the cities will be used to promote the wealth of French tourism and know-how.

The mobilisation of many French territories is expected

The Hermione’s new journey will also involve the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region with its Regional Tourism Board, as well as several other destinations.

The sailing programme will be completed by stops in French ports along the Atlantic coast and the English Channel, including ports where the Hermione has never docked. The Hermione-La Fayette Association will be seeking partner companies, stop over towns communities, as well as professional organisations, through sponsorship or patronage, who wish to join in.

The Hermione remains the project of a territory, however she is also a strong element of notoriety and attractiveness of France, its know-how, its products and brands.

The Hermione, a unique rigging in the world, a symbol of French know-how

Since her maiden voyage to America in 2015 in the footsteps of La Fayette, the Hermione frigate has travelled 22,000 miles on four voyages and has trained more than 500 volunteer "gabiers" in the navigation of a unique old rig.

The work of the Hermione-La Fayette Association, the ship's owner, has already been recognised internationally with the French Radiation Prize (Environment category) in 2019 by Jean-Yves Le Drian, Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs, and has received wide support from the French diplomatic network during its various stopovers abroad (United States, Canada, Morocco, Spain, Portugal). The Hermione has become an ambassador of French know-how and of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine territory, and in particular of Charente-Maritime and the town of Rochefort, her home port.

Solidarity and crew spirit to reconnect with neighbouring countries

Another dimension of the initiative linking The Hermione and Atout France is based on the message of solidarity and crew spirit that the partners wish to convey to European youth. They are also keen to renew the bonds of brotherhood and exchange between European neighbours who have had to face similar difficulties.

The Hermione has strong values in terms of commitment, transmission and sustainable tourism, which are at the heart of the new tourism practices of young people.

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Area Manager North America & Asia Pacific

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