« To continue to say Hello » campaign

30 November 2020

During the first lockdown, the tourism industry came brutally to a stop and relationships between professionals and clients may have become more distant.  It was important for the CRTNA to maintain contact with the French and foreign markets. To do so, we launched a video contest in 5 languages (French, English, German, Dutch and Spanish) for both professionals and the general public.

Our aim was to tighten our relationships and get ready to #traveltomorrow by keeping in contact with national and international clients, and highlighting Nouvelle-Aquitaine’s 14 destinations.

How? Internet users were invited to register via a platform hosted on the CRT’s website, to select their favourite Nouvelle-Aquitaine destination and to upload a 5 second video of themselves, saying “hello” to the destination of their choice. They were encouraged to stage their video using props and accessories from their own country or from their chosen destination.  

In a second phase, internet users were invited to vote for their favourite videos. Several prizes were won (a stay in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, meal in a restaurant, bottles of wine…) and a final video of the 30 winners was put together.

This campaign ran from 15 May to 15 July and was shared on social media (Facebook and Instagram) and in BtoB newsletters. It generated 13.722 visits on the campaign website, 1.681 contest registrations, 129 videos created and 4.649 votes for the best videos.

But first and foremost, it was an opportunity to nurture our relationships, namely with many French and foreign tourism industry professionals, be it Tour Operators, Travel Agents, journalists or influencers, several of whom put all of their heart into making their videos. Here is the final video, announcing the winners.