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Smartguide générique

Smartguide for travel and tourism professionals (choose your language below)

The aim of this smartguide is to make it easier for you to discover the region, to encourage you to schedule it, and to help you sell its products. This manual has been designed in a concise, practical way.

In this smartguide, you will found keys assets of main internal destinations and new ideas for theme holidays.

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Exceptional itineraries around and from Nouvelle-Aquitaine

An inspiring guide to “reference” tours. This SMARTguide aims to assist you in planning the very best itineraries around, and from our region. 

>> Download the smartguide itineraries in english.

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Nouvelle-Aquitaine Tourist map

Want to explore Nouvelle-Aquitaine ? Download the map sightseeing to help with putting together itineraries or for giving to your clients.

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Press file

CRT Nouvelle-Aquitaine produces numerous press kits, generic, thematic, by sector or on the occasion of events. These press files are distributed during meetings with the press, during media tours, press...

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Nouvelle-Aquitaine is a land of great experiences, in an exceptional variety of locations. Discover our top 14 destinations :