Family holidays

Nouvelle-Aquitaine is a life-size amusement park. You will find all kinds of activities, from wildlife parks to sites offering fun or cultural activities through treasure hunts.

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The wolves of Chabrières

The animal park of the Guéret mountains allows one to observe its secret animals in their natural environment and to understand the special relations between the human and the wolf. Walk in woodlands, in preserved nature, with a breath-taking view of the mountains.

Vallée des singes

Go for a walk in the wilderness and let yourself be amazed by the calm, the beauty of the landscapes and the species you will come to observe. Gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos, lemurs or gibbons, discover the richness of the world of primates.

Walibi Southwest and Aqualand Agen

The Walibi South-West Park offers 25 attractions and shows while the nearby water park, Aqualand Agen, offers, during the summer a veritable oasis of freshness thanks to a wave pool, a huge shady beach and 18 slides.

Hooked-mast (accro-mâts) in Rochefort

Unique in Europe, this first urban adventure park built in dry dock Louis XV, which was the place of rebuilding the Hermione Rochefort, offers climbing ropes, twirl of mast and cableways up to 30 meters high! Not to mention the Futuroscope of Poitiers, the second biggest French amusement park, offering many captivating experiences and magical moments.

Terra Aventura: an incredible treasure hunt!

100% Nouvelle-Aquitaine theme- based rambles, Terra Aventura draws its inspiration from Geocaching, the worldwide recreational activity. It’s a treasure hunt which takes place outdoors, using GPS or a free mobile app (free roaming) available in English, German, Spanish and Dutch: set off on an adventure to discover one of Nouvelle- Aquitaine’s 400 treasure hunt trails! Get ready to be surprised! A myriad of riddles to solve, clues to uncover, treasures to discover...These step-based quests, each covering several kilometres, are an invitation to explore the region’s heritage treasures whilst having fun.
A perfect tourist activity for families or friends, accessible 7 days a week, 365 days a year, offering different levels of treks, promoting Nouvelle-Aquitaine’s treasures and know-how (tales and legends, art, gastronomy, etc.), and adventure-game with anecdotes bubbling over with humour.


Unusual accommodation close to nature

Spend a night in a Castel in the trees, in a gipsy caravan or in a Mongolian Yurt! DéfiPlanet’ at Dienné is the national leader in unusual accommodation. Situated in the heart of the forest, these unusual lodgings are remarkable for spending unusual family stays or relaxing with friends.

Prehistoric family activities

From the incredible Lascaux caves, the Roc aux Sorciers (witches’ rock), the Museum of the Neanderthal man, or the Pôle international de la Préhistoire, Nouvelle-Aquitaine has an extraordinary range of attractions and activities for families keen to discover the vestiges of humankind’s origins.

The poï’z

Tiny creatures called Poï’z live in the Terra Aventura caches. There are 35 Poï’z characters. They are collectible badges in each cache, each representing a different theme: History, tales and legends, night time, Gallo-Roman, skills, and many more.

Key assets

- A reference in the field of ecology, focused on preserving species, protecting the environment and saving the planet

- A whole range of unique experiences to live with family or friends

- Futuroscope, a unique technology and science park in the world