Whether you are looking for a postnatal treatment on île de Ré, a romantic weekend in Arcachon, a relaxing city dweller break in La Rochelle or Hendaye, each of Nouvelle-Aquitaine’s well-being holidays is a combination of harmony of the senses and total relaxation in the beauty of landscapes, with mild weather, from January to December!

Source de Caudalie

A wide range of thermal establishments

From the spa source and thermal cure centre of la roche posay to les thermes evaux les bains, passing by the numerous establishments of the pyrenees (thermes de salies-de- béarn, thermes de cambo-les-bains or thermes des eaux-bonnes), nouvelle- aquitaine is france’s #1 thermal destination, dax being france’s number one thermal destina-tion. The diversity of subsoils makes the amount of mineral salts and trace elements vary in the water they filter, so there are many different virtues and types of treatments.

Thalassotherapy: the key to happiness

What is thalassotherapy? Ocean water treatments in spas located less than 1,000 metres from the sea. The word was invented by doctor de la bonnardière, in arcachon, and the pays basque is, with brittany, the most emblematic region.


The same treatments as thalassotherapy, but with “regular” water, are known as balneotherapy. Essential oil massages, hot stones, shiatsu… relaxation, inner peace and beauty at their finest! Nouvelle-Aquitaine is France’s number one region for balneology, with 14 spas.

Naturism, a modern way of life

Naturism has a long history that goes back to the Age of Enlightment and over the years, has become one of the main values of environmental-friendliness, sustainable development and mutual respect.

On the Atlantic Coast, the mild oceanic climate favoured the establishment of naturist sites along 720km of coastline in Nouvelle-Aquitaine. Space, pine trees for shade, long sandy beaches… this perfectly describes Montalivet’s Hélio Marin Centre (CHM), in Médoc. This is France’s oldest (1949) and Europe’s largest naturist holiday resort.

In the countryside, green naturism also has its fans. Corrèze or Périgord forests, crystal clear rivers, a beach at Vassivière lake, the hills of Lot-et-Garonne with orchards worthy of the Garden of Eden, all the way to the foot of the Pyrénées... It is wonderful to live in the intimacy and comfort of preserved nature.


Original: vinotherapy

Vinotherapy simply had to be popular in the region of France where there are the finest vineyards in the world! Why not try a honey and wine treatment, a crushed cabernet exfoliation or a vine drainage?
The stimulating and infusing wrap for devitalised skin, at Les Sources de Caudalie, is a warm recipe of bentonite clay, crushed grape extracts (seeds, pulp, stems) and grape-seed oil gives you and your body a burst of new energy when you feel exhausted, pressured or stressed out by city living.

Les Antilles de Jonzac

Dedicated to relaxation, well- being and pleasure, the Antilles de Jonzac aquatic centre features a tropical lagoon, a wave pool with a 60m slide and geyser effects.

Château Guiton, a naturist camping

This charming old stone farm, in an “Entre-deux-mers” wine resort in Bordelais vineyards, allows you to discover all the gems Nouvelle-Aquitaine has to offer.

Key assets

- A great choice of thermal stations and thalassotherapy centres.

- Exceptional care (thalassotherapy and vinotherapy) in specific institutions.

- Many naturist holiday resorts on the Atlantic coast and in the countryside.