A territory of excellence and innovation, a reflection of its history, Nouvelle-Aquitaine has the greatest number of traditional know-how.

Porcelaine de Limoges

Limoges porcelain

Porcelaine Bernardaud was founded in Limoges in 1863. Visit the old workshops and find out about the different stages of the manufacture of porcelain. The National Adrien Dubouché Museum presents the richest Limoges porcelain collection in the world..

The beret, a fashion icon

The iconic symbol of France, the beret is worn all over the world. Today, a handful of factories have survived all over Europe and only those of Laulhère, in Oloron-Sainte-Marie and the workshops of the French beret in Laàs (near Navarrenx), still produce berets entirely made in France.

Nontron’s knife

Couvert et couteau de Nontron

The Coutellerie Nontronnaise, established in Nontron (Dordogne Valley) since 1653, has adapted its ancestral know-how to the world today. Cutler companions always shape the knives in hand and a large bay window allows to highlight their expertise.

The Aubusson tapestry

The International City of Aubusson tapestry, born from the inscription of the know-how and techniques of the Aubusson tapestry to the intangible cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO integrates both a museum, a resource centre and workshops.

The surf wear market

The “surfing industry” has been a real economic phenomenon, and there  are a plethora of schools and surf shops, in the Pays Basque and throughout Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

Niort leather goods

Founded in 1950, the company Atelier Duron creates and manufactures in its workshops in Niort leather goods. Laurige is a global player in leather work and its ornaments are delivered to a number of prestigious places around the world.

Ballet shoes or espadrilles?

Espadrilles du Pays Basque

Famous for donning the “little rats” of the Opera, the Repetto manufacture of Saint-Médard d’Excideuil in (Dordogne Valley) is the place where the points of the ballerinas are made accordingly to the method of “Sewn retuned”.

Espadrilles “Made in France” have been produced for the last 150 years in Mauléon, in the heart of the Pays Basque. The Don Quichosse company museum uses short texts and old photos to tell the life of the espadrille, designed in the traditional way, hand- stitched from natural, ecological and biodegradable products.

>> More info about craftsmanship in Nouvelle-Aquitaine.


The makhila, the traditional basque walking stick

Symbol of honour, the makhila reflects a certain philosophy and way of life. Elegant, practical, a redoubtable defensive weapon as well as a decorative object, the makhila is a truly essential element in Basque life. In Larressore, one can visit one of the very last makhilas workshops.

The luxury of contemporary jacquard

Since 1919, Moutet workshops in Orthez weave Basque linen with traditional know-how. The company is surrounded by graphic designers, designers and creators who continually imagine new contemporary motifs on original themes.

Discovering the secrets of gourmet products

The producers of many gourmet products f rom Nouvelle- Aquitaine open their doors to visitors. One can learn more about caviar from Neuvic in the Dordogne, Bayonne chocolate, the Espelette chili, the oysters of the Arcachon basin or of the Marennes-Oléron basin.

Key assets

- High-end products are known the world over.

- An opportunity to meet artisans in their workshops.

- Experience a range of activities (cooking, tasting, masterclasses...).